This is my why. What’s yours?

I was reading a book about social media marketing the other day when the author asked this question: What is your why?

In other words, why did you decide to do this business? Why this type of work? If you’ve ever heard of Simon Sinek, you may be familiar with this question.

Of course, the first thought that comes to everyone’s mind is “to make money.” Duh.

Well, that answer did come rather quickly. But I also answered “so I don’t have to work for someone else anymore” and “so I can do what I love.” Turns out, that’s not what the author was really getting at.

He was asking for a deeper why. What do you believe about your business? What does it do for your client? After thinking it over a bit, I came up with my why.

I went into business for myself because I believe entrepreneurs are important, making your own way in the world is valuable, and good writing makes a difference in how we understand and connect with the things around us. Whether you’re an author or a business owner, any writing you produce should help you move forward, sell more of what you offer, and make your customers and readers love you.

That’s it. Now, what’s your why? Leave a comment below to tell the world. Or at least anyone who reads this post.


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