Hello! I’m Renae Kranz. I’m a copywriter, proofreader and copy editor based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. That tells you very little, huh. So, who is this Renae Kranz person? I’m glad you asked—mostly because I want to stop talking about myself in the third person. It’s weird.

Well, I love words. I love to tweak them, put them together in new ways, and make sure they say what they’re meant to say. But, I have a somewhat checkered past with my life’s passion. (Hey! What can I say? Life never turns out exactly the way we think it will, does it?) Don’t worry. I’ll tell you the short version.

20171203_123726.jpgI graduated college (a long time ago) with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from South Dakota State University. I started out as a feature section editor and reporter for a daily newspaper. At that time, the internet was just beginning, and options for writers in South Dakota were extremely limited. You know all those blogs and websites we write copy for now? Well, those didn’t exist back then. And, no, I didn’t ride a horse or a covered wagon to work. I drove a Chevy Cavalier. Blue. Stick-shift. Only the tiniest bit cool at the time. Ok. Maybe not even the tiniest bit cool.

Anyway, I moved to the opposite side of the state, leaving me with almost no options for a job in journalism. So, I did what any hard-working South Dakotan would do—I went to work doing something else.

I moved two more times to different cities and worked all kinds of different jobs over the years: waitress, cashier manager for two different large retailers, inbound call center sales, real estate assistant, interior designer. You name it, I did it (within reason of course). I even started my own business in interior decorating and home staging. All along the way, I never stopped writing. But as time went on, I wasn’t sure how to get back to writing as an actual career choice.

Finally I began to find my way back to my first (and only) true love. I have been proofreading for a major accounting firm since 2012. During this time, I’ve worked on polishing and adding to my skills as a writer and editor by reading books and taking courses to broaden my knowledge. I write and edit as much as I can—for work, for enjoyment, for my own business, for whoever needs me. And I’m so glad to be back.

Copy Cat is my big step into the freelance world. With fresh ideas in my head, I’m ready to take it on. And my good ol’ South Dakota work ethic is still there to help me finally reach the goal—writing, editing and proofreading as a career. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Oh, and yes, I do have a cat. But only one. I swear.




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